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Meanwhile the Bitcoin is insane

A few years ago most Bitcoins were mined even himself, that is you calculate math problems itself “won”. Meanwhile, however, it is much easier and safer to buy Bitcoins. For this, there are countless providers to Bitcoins to buy direct or to trade on marketplaces or exchanges. We tested some vendors and this rated for you.


Table of Contents

  • The best ways to buy Bitcoins compared
  • Bitcoin forecast: Performance 5,000 euros, 10,000 euros or even 500,000 euros?
  • Safe German marketplace:
  • Buy Bitcoins or Ethereum immediately Coinbase
  • EU Bitcoin Wallet block chain in conjunction with Coinify
  • Buy with Anycoindirect Bitcoins immediate transfer
  • Bitcoin by SEPA, bank transfer or GiroPay
  • Bit4coin no registration and with coupon code or coupon card
  • Buy Bitcoin Paypal
  • Buy Bitcoin via Paypal at VirWoX
  • Bitcoin Wiki: What is Bitcoin?
  • compare prices and worth
  • Where can I buy (safe) Ethereum or ether (ETH)?


The best ways to buy Bitcoins compared

Bitcoin exchange AvaTrade 24Option Coinmama Anycoindirect
act Avatrade Bitcoin Photo: © “ Screenshot”
24option crypto actPhoto: © “Photo: ©” “”
Coinmama experiencesPhoto: © “”
Anycoindirect experiencesPhoto: © “anycoindirect Screenshot”
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Language: German
exchange rate
user friendly
payment methods Credit card, SEPA transfer, Paypal Credit card, Neteller, Moneybookers, Paysafe card, bank transfer, bank transfer Credit card GiroPay, SEPA transfer, bank transfer
rating 98% 79% 91% 91%
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  1. 1How do I IOTA tokens to buy?
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  2. 2Bitcoin & Ethereum Wallet: review Coinbase
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  3. 3Where can I buy (safe) Ethereum or ether (ETH)?
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  4. 4Where can I buy (safe) Bitcoins (BTC)?
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Bitcoin forecast: Performance 5,000 euros, 10,000 euros or even 500,000 euros?

Bitcoin price performancePhoto: © “ Chart”

The awareness of Bitcoin, the market establishment and especially the price of Bitcoin are constantly increasing. Cost a Bitcoin in 2011, still one US dollar, the 5,000-dollar mark was narrowly missed in September 2017th But there are no limits for the Bitcoin price and what are the reasons real the full review of the bitcoin code the rapid price movement?

Bitcoin market trend: the erstwhile worth in Bitcoin (BTC) still or we face a huge crypto currency bubble?



Safe German marketplace: HomePhoto: © “ Screenshot” * is a company based in Germany marketplace for trading Bitcoins, is placed on the very high value on safety. However, this also some steps in advance must be performed in order to open an unconditional and full account. Thus, the purchase of the first Bitcoins takes a little longer than other vendors.

In addition, the Bitcoins are not directly purchased by the owner of the site, but they are traded with other market participants. This means that to buy euros against payment of Bitcoins from other market participants, but also vice versa: Bitcoins can be sold to get back to euros. Experience with Bitcoin marketplace

Simplicity & Intuition
Bitcoin Price


Buy Bitcoins or Ethereum immediately Coinbase

Coinbase experiencePhoto: © “coinbase Screenshot”

Coinbase *  is also as a Bitcoin Web Wallet. Coinbase is designed simple and very intuitive, but integrates the key functions. Besides Bitcoins called onlinebetrug also Ethereum at Coinbase can be deposited. Thus, the two most important crypto currencies are in a wallet.

Coinbase also places great emphasis on safety. In addition to an SMS verification Coinbase also offers a two-factor authentication. Thus, the account is protected from unauthorized access.

Coinbase offers two ways of buying Bitcoins or Ethereum: by credit card (Buy) or by bank transfer (4-5 days). The purchase by credit card, or Bitcoins Ethereum are credited immediately, but there are higher limits and an additional fee of 3.99% will apply. In our tests by credit card everything worked smoothly and the Bitcoins or Ethereum were immediately on our account.

Before crypto currencies can be bought over Coinbase with euros, the provider requires verification of the account. This works very simply via a webcam. For this, an identity document (driver’s license, ID card or passport) must be kept in the camera and have the account for the purchase of digital currencies is enabled.

The trading price at Coinbase was one of the best in our test.

Tip: When registering via the following link partner you can get (and I) are each 10 USD after Bitcoins were purchased worth $

To test & review Coinbase.

buy at the review Bitcoins at Coinbase by credit card.

Simplicity & Intuition
Bitcoin Price


EU Bitcoin Wallet block chain in conjunction with Coinify

Buy BitcoinsPhoto: © “ Screenshot”

Easier and faster to get to the first Bitcoins than is the Bitcoin Wallet in conjunction with Coinify. Block Chain is an easy-held Bitcoin Wallet, which is offered free of charge. The registry is working properly and intuitive. In a few minutes as a separate wallet can be created.

To obtain the first Bitcoins works much easier than the registry. Because through the external, embedded in block chain service Coinify immediately Bitcoins can be added. To immediately Bitcoins to obtain needed a credit card. If you want to by SCT swap Bitcoins, it takes 2-3 days. In our test with a credit card payment has worked very well and the Bitcoins were credited in no time. However, payment by credit card costs 3% transaction fee, while the bank transfer is free of charge. Buy at the review Bitcoins at by credit card.