Tipping In Casinos


Tipping is certainly a very essential part of being decent and also it a crucial part of casino etiquette. You will be considered a great person if you tip properly in a casino. You should know that dealers actually work really hard and that they are paid minimum wage. Now that is something that I did not exactly want to hear, but we should know the cold and hard truths of the world, and that is it. The dealers do have long, hard hours, and they get minimum wage. They should be tipped no matter what. Whether cambodia lotto 4d result you win or lose, you should tip the dealers.

You should also tip whoever makes sure that you are comfortable in a casino and if they work there. If they have helped you in any way and if they are an 1bet2u employee there, they deserve a tip. So many of them depend on these tips to make a decent living. I am talking about the waiters and the waitresses as well. It should be mandatory and necessary that you tip these people, because they do work hard and you can actually give them a tip at your discretion. Some of them suggest that you tip them 10% of what you have won, but at the end of the day it is up to you. A 10% tip is what is a decent tip would be, and most of the high rollers have been known to tip more than that if they are in a good mood indeed.

Hypothetically, 10% of $1000 is $100, and that would be a very generous tip. So you can decide how much you want to tip. The dealers will undoubtedly be happy with whatever you offer them. When you slip the dealer a chip, it is like any other tip, and it is a small gratuity for all the service that you have rendered. The thing about tipping in casinos and why it should be done is because the dealers will have a great responsibility for which they are not too appreciated for. That would be keeping track of all the numbers, who is winning how much and everything else that happens in the game that they are dealing with. They will undoubtedly get into trouble if they do not keep proper track, which is why I previously mentioned that their job is indisputably stressful.

The small generosity that I am suggesting has been known to relax the dealer, and it will definitely make them much happier as well. At some casinos, the dealers pool their tips and then split it evenly, and that is actually something great because there is no unevenness when it comes to tips.

Tipping In Casinos

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